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Bomb Disposal SuitBomb Disposal Suit (EOD)


*Bomb disposal suit no need of bulletproof helmet.
*Integral bulletproof face shield is supported by shoulder to release head and neck.
*Dual protection to keep safety of seven orifices and internal organs.
*Removable design for bomb disposal or bomb search.
*Landmine proof and blast protective combat boots to strengthen foot protection.

The patent product is developed and produced solely by our company. It passed the test conducted by Quality Supervision & Inspection Center for Police Instrument and Clothing Product under the Ministry of Public Security (Gongjinjian No. 020031) on June 20, 2002, and the test by Quality Supervision & Inspection Center for Bulletproof Apparatus of China Weapon Industry (Bingfangjianzi 2002 No.0204).

PBF4/2 bomb disposal suit ,together with arc transparent bulletproof glass fixed on bosom and abdomen bulletproof insertion board, provides high-grade protection for head, face and neck.The arc transparent bulletproof glass puts its weight on shoulder, which will free the neck to work for a relatively long time. Once explosive blows up, the shock wave will push one over by pushing bomb disposal suit together with its bulletproof board and bulletproof glass. As a result, the neck, head and face are kept safe from injury, which is better than other bomb disposal clothing whose heavy neck load is a source of danger to neck in explosion. Arc transparent bulletproof glass can disperse over 85% of shock wave and sound wave. Face shield has the ability to protect eyes, nose, mouth, internal organs, especially abdomen from being injured by shock wave. With the entotic and enplug provided, only 1/100000 of the wave can reach you, protecting your audition best. The above-mentioned measures provide dual protection and minimize danger. Shock absorption pillow in the back can protect backbone from injury. Every sleeve and trouser leg are made in two parts, elastically connected by bulletproof material, in order to move freely. With internal removable bulletproof material, it can also be used as bomb searching clothing . Landmine proof and blast protective combat boots are available.

    PBF4/2 Bomb Disposal Suit is the necessary equipment when policeman is ready to eliminate the explosive. It has the characteristic of whole body protection, shock wave resistance, large protection area, high protection level and flexibility.

Bomb Disposal Suit    This product is developed independently by Beijing Junantai Protection Technologies Co., Ltd. . It has been tested by China Public Security Ministry (GJJ No.020031) and China Armor Industry Ministry (BFJZ (2002) No.0204).

    Our product has a piece of arc transparent bullet proof glass which is fixed on the bullet proof board for bosom and abdomen, can replace the helmet to gard head, face, neck, eyes, ears, etc. It also allow the operator breathe freely and can wear equipments such as gas mask. The weight of the glass and the board is placed on you shoulder by a gallus, which will free the neck to work for a relativelly long time.

    Normally, the helmet weight nearly 10kg. It will lead the shock wave to head, cause head backward. The operator's neck will probably be break, and even be a plant-like man.

    The glass can withstand or disperse 85% of the shock wave and sound wave. With the entotic and enplug we provides, only less than 1/100,000 of the wave can reach you. The shock wave proof veil can also provide grade II protection for ears, eyes, mouse and nose, do our best to give you safe. Protection angle>180

    The bullet proof material used in every sleeve and trouser is made in two parts, and conneted on the elbows and knees in order to reach a higher protection degree. You can easily do such actions like bending arms, legs, waist.

    The glass and board are large enough to protect your key part from hurting. We also place a soft pillow in the back of the suit to resist shock wave. The entotic and enplug is directed by throat.

Basic Component Parts Optional equipment
Bullet Proof Helmet
Groin Protection Plate Electromagnetic Shielding Bag for Bomb Disposal
Bomb Disposal Jacket Handfree Communication Equipment
Bomb Disposal Canister
Bomb Disposal Trousers Soft Pillow of Shock Wave Resistance
Bomb Disposal Blanket
Bulletproof Glass Bomb Disposal Boots Dismantle Tool
Breast Protection Plate Package with Wheel
Transporting Vehicle


Position Ga141-2001


3 IIIA Groin
4 III Knee
3 IIIA Shoulder
3 IIIA Arm
4 III Waist
3 IIIA+ Leg
4 III Elbow
3 IIIA+ Foot

Dressing Procedure

    1. Fasten boots, then put on trousers and adjust to suitable size.
    2. Bomb Disposal Jacket.
    3. Breast plate & Bulletproof glass.
    4. Handfree communication equipment.
    5. Bulletproof helmet.

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